Recommended Reading

Please find below a list of recommended reading in order to prepare for the conference:


Core reading

English: Moving Forward: Implementing the ‘Guidelines for Alternative Care of Children’

French: En Marche vers la Mise en Œuvre des lignes Directrices Relatives à la protection de remplacement pour les enfants

Spanish: Avanzando en la implementación de las “Directrices sobre las modalidades alternativas de cuidado de los niños”


Recommended readings


English: CoE : Guide for professionals working in alternative care

French: CoE. Guide à l’attention des professionnels de la prise en charge alternative des enfants

Spanish: not available



English: CoE: Recommendation children’s rights and social services

French: CoE: Recommandation sur les droits de l’enfant et les services sociaux adaptés aux enfants et aux familles

Spanish: not available 



English: EU: Reflection paper on integrated child protection systems

French: not available

Spanish: not available 



English: Eurochild: Guidelines for children deprived of parental care

French: Eurochild: Lignes directrices européennes communes sur la transition des soins en institution vers les soins de proximité

Spanish: not available 



English: FICE: Children’s guide to the guidelines for the alternative care of children

French: not available

Spanish: not available 



English: FRA: Guardianship for children deprived of parental care

French: FRA: La tutelle des enfants privés de soins parentaux

Spanish: FRA: La tutela de menores privados de cuidados parentales



English: Save the Children: Alternative care in emergencies toolkit

French: not available

Spanish: not available 



English: UNICEF: Indicators for children in formal care

French: UNICEF: Indicateurs relatifs aux enfants bénéficiant d’une prise en charge formelle

Spanish: not available 


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