A number of subsidies may be available for some participants, for example as follows: 

CAGI grants

The Geneva Welcome Centre (CAGI) can offer logistical support for planning accommodation and may grant financial aid to reduce the cost. Requests for financial aid are examined on a case-by-case basis. The Service takes into account the delegate's own funds and those of the organisation that s/he is representing. Delegates who benefit from CAGI’s financial aid pay a contribution of 35 Swiss francs up to 110 Swiss francs per night. CAGI pays the difference of room's cost per night to the hotel (the average cost of a hotel room in Geneva is CHF 180.-).

For further information, please click here. The eligibility criteria can be found here

If you believe you meet the eligibility criteria, we strongly recommend that participants complete the forms accurately and submit them as soon as possible, to maximise their chances of benefiting from this subsidy.  A letter of acceptance from CAGI can be used to help with visa applications.

Other grants

Up till the 1 May, the steering group was in a position to consider applications for financial assistance from participants from civil society. As this deadline has now passed, the subsidies may only be considered for accommodation as described above. your social media marketing partner